If you are looking for best adblocker for your browser then check our comparison between adblock vs adblock plus extension with pros and cons.

Adblocker extensions & plugins are the best way to tackle unwanted ads, popups, text ads, etc. on your browsers. Adblock or adblock plus is the answer to block unwanted ads in any browser. But before using these extensions you want to know which one perform and improve the user experience.  Before jumping for adblock vs adblock plus, let discuss about adblockers and its need.

Why adblocks or adblock plus even needed ? What is the use of adblockers ?

Basically adblockers help you to stop unwanted ads, popups, text messages, etc. which improves the user experience. Such ads are heavy due to the inclusion of javascript and thus if you stop those ads using adblockers then it will increase your browser speed. With adblockers you don’t need to skip ads or close those unwanted ads, just surf flawless without any interruptions. Alternatively, you can use this adware removal tool which will protect you from unwanted ads.

So in this article, let’s find out which one is the best adblocker for your browser and which one is performs best between adblock vs adblock plus.

Adblock Plus

ablock vs adblock plus - adblock or adblock plus

Adblock plus is the first ad blocking extension ever introduced which available for only Firefox. It is one the most popular extension for firefox and then they created this extension for all the major browsers. Due to adblock plus late introduced for chrome browser, the new extension named “Adblock” came to the race of adblocker extension and created a place in the chrome community as the best adblocker extension for chrome browser.

It is also known as ABP and especially create to avoid annoying ads. ABP is open source and packed with tons of options available to block advertisement. Various filter options are also available to filter ads type and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).

If you are looking to compare adblock vs adblock plus, you will not distinguish between both the extensions because the difference is very minor as hair.

Adblock Plus Pros:

  • Open Source Extension.
  • Easy to use navigation and settings.
  • Ad blocks on facebook and youtube.
  • One click ON/OFF activation.
  • Automatic blocking of malware and more profound.

Adblock Plus Cons:

  • Advanced options are hidden.
  • Allows some paid advertisements instead of blocking all advertisements.


ablock vs adblock plus - adblock or adblock plus

Adblock is extension first created for Google Chrome and later gained popularity inspired them to create adblock for all major browsers. This extension is inspired by the adblock plus extension which is a popular extension for Mozilla firefox, but it is not earlier introduced for chrome and chance is grabbed by adblock.

Almost every feature of ADB is present in adblock and you won’t find any major differences between them. Using adblock you can block a wide range of advertisement which includes facebook and youtube ads. It has a custom filters and subscribing options with easily navigated to lots of useful settings. It has one major negative point, i.e. if you open lots of tabs in browser, then it will slow down your browser.

Adblock Pros:

  • It’s an open source extension.
  • Easy Installation and quick to use.
  • It uses adblock plus filter system so if you are planning to switch from ABP to adblock then it will not make any major difference in your user experience.
  • You can make advertisement blocking list for blocking them.

Adblock Cons:

  • If you open multiple  tabs in a browser, then adblock will slow down and affects your experience.
  • Youtube ads can bypass adblock in Chrome browser.
  • Popups and intrusion, despite installation.

Final conclusion on adblock vs adblock plus – which performs better ?

In this tight competition, both are best in their own way. ABP is a popular extension for Mozilla Firefox and thus it’s makes better extension as compared to adblock. Same while if you are a user of Chrome then I prefer to use adblock because it is much better as compared to ABP in Chrome.

What you think about adblock or adblock plus and which performs better according to your point of view. Please comment below and suggest us to improve because your suggestions is very special for us.


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  1. Peter Smith Reply

    I think adblock plus is the best adblocker. It easily work in all major browsers. Nice article.

  2. Thanks for sharing information about adblock plus vs adblock. I think adblock plus is best adblocker extension.

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