How To Save A GIF From Twitter

Learn how to download or save a GIF from twitter to the desktop, android or iPhone using some easiest way. You can save twitter GIFS to your collection. Twitter feeds are always filled with some hilarious GIFs of amazing and adorable things. While browsing twitter feeds, you want to save some of your specials GIFs

Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Which Performs Best?

If you are looking for best adblocker for your browser then check our comparison between adblock vs adblock plus extension with pros and cons. Adblocker extensions & plugins are the best way to tackle unwanted ads, popups, text ads, etc. on your browsers. Adblock or adblock plus is the answer to block unwanted ads in

IRCTC Registration Process – Create New Account in 5 Minutes

Learn to create IRCTC new account in 5 minutes. Just follow the IRCTC registration process and start booking train tickets online. Indian railways are moving forward with the technologies. Just like flight tickets, you can book train ticket online. For booking train ticket online you need to create a new account on IRCTC website. If

How To Convert Youtube To Wav With The Converter

Find the best converter to convert youtube to wav for free. Using youtube converter you can convert videos into AAC, MP3 or any desireable audio formats. Youtube is a huge video community to share and upload videos. It provides an amazing platform to show your skills and talent. Generally, Youtube platform is used by teenagers

How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 With Snipping Tool

You can take screenshot on windows 10 using a very handy feature snipping tool. No need to download snipping tool for windows 10. There are several ways present to take screenshot on windows 10 and the most famous is clicking “windows+print screen” key. The print screen key is famous because you can capture a screenshot

How to get help in windows 10 with Easiest way

The most easiest way to get windows 10 help by just pressing F1. It will start with a bing search having text – how to get help in windows 10. You can also try by dialing windows support phone number for tech support. Learn How to get help in windows 10 with Easiest way Windows

10 Best Free Android Music MP3 Player Apps 2017

Find some best free android music player apps for delight your music experience. You can customize your music in these mp3 player apps. Download for free! Music plays an important role in our daily routine and works. There are lots of music streaming online apps available, but regularly accessing those music will burn tons of

Best Print Screen or Snipping Tool for Mac

Simple, fast and reliable snipping tool used to take a print screen on Mac. Free & premium version of snipping tool is available for Mac. Snipping tool is used to take a screenshot of a whole desktop or any active windows screen with few snipping tool shortcuts or clicks.  If you want to capture only