SiriusXM is popularly known for its commercial-free music which is now available on android tv with the release of SiriusXM for android TV 1.1

SiriusXM is a satellite/internet company, which recently released SiriusXM for android TV (Android TV) 1.1 and it’s changelog says “Added support for more android TV devices” but it may available only on selected smart TVs. Since 2010, SiriusXM offered their services to an android smartphone and its app is available on google play store. But with the recent launch, you can download it on any set-top box or smart TV running on android TV.

Using SiriusXM, you can stream commercial-free music of virtually every genre and beat, handpicked by the best music experts from around the world. You can also listen live performance and artist-dedicated channels, including the newest. So now you can celebrate Christmas and prepare for a new year celebration with a gift by siriusXM.

SiriusXM for Android TV 1.1

You can download SiriusXM from google play store with any android running device. With recent version released, you will get support for android TV.

How to stream SiriusXM on android TV ?

  1. From the Google Play Store on your Android TV, search for and select SiriusXM.
  2. Install and open the SiriusXM app.
  3. Log in with your SiriusXM streaming username and password.
  4. Android TV does not have a Radio ID or ESN. A qualifying streaming subscription is required.
  5. Please visit for more details.
  6. Already have a SiriusXM trial or paid subscription in your car?  Set up your login credentials and start streaming.
  7. Don’t have SiriusXM Streaming? Customers without an active streaming subscription can access a free 30-day trial by going to

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