As many as 75% of smartphone users buy protective cases for their phones.

The reasons behind this majority figure include offering phone protection from damage caused by falls and liquids.

However, the remaining 25% of smartphone users have their own reasons for not going for a case for their phones. Among them avoiding the bulk added to the phone by the case and the extra cost that comes with buying a phone case.

Though the decision is strictly based on personal preference, let’s debate both sides of the phone case argument that will continue until the end of time.

Reasons for a Phone Case

Here’s why you need a phone case:

1. Protection from Drops

No matter how careful you will be with your phone, you are bound to drop it at least once in its lifetime. A case will soak up the pressure to save your phone’s delicate internals.

2. Uniqueness

While smartphones have a standard look, a case sets your device from the crowd. Your iPhone remains an iPhone, but that custom case from your manufacturer is probably the only one around.

3. Protection from Liquid Damage

While most modern phones are gaining waterproof capabilities, you’re never sure how safe it is when it goes for a dive.

Also, manufacturer waterproofing has limits in terms of time and depth the phone can stay underwater. That’s why you need an iPhone 7 waterproof case to be sure liquids won’t harm your precious device.

4. Aesthetics

Aside from adding style, a case can help your phone attain a natural look. The camera bump on modern iPhone models makes the phone not lie flat on a table. A case solves this issue Refurbished iPhone,

5. Retain a Good Resale Value

The case keeps the phone in good condition so that the next buyer is willing to pay a premium for it.

Reasons Against a Phone Case.

Here’s why you may not want a phone case:

1. Adds Bulk

With cases, you are always making a tradeoff between extra protection on one side, and weight and size on the other. The most protective cases are also the bulkiest.

2. Cases Catch Dirt Faster Than the Phones Themselves

Adding a case to your phone means you’re offering dirt more areas to hide in. Some materials such as rubber also catch more dust than the glass and polished plastic found on most modern smartphones. You may thus need frequent cleaning to retain a clean device.

3. They Cost Extra

To obtain a good case, you need to spend a significant amount of money on it. With smartphones being quite costly, this adds to the total cost of the phone in a significant way.

4. Poor Protection

Most cases do little in protecting your phone from major drops and liquid damage. As such, the idea of protection is only psychological but with nothing to prove. If your phone falls, it will be a goner anyway.
Get a Quality Phone Case Today

It’s not about just getting a case but getting the right phone case for your specific device. With cases from quality manufacturers, you’re guaranteed quality, looks and protection for your device.

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