Lucky Patcher App is an awesome android app to get free in-app purchases, install modded play store, remove advertisements and License verification from any rooted Android Apps & Games. It can be used on Android Smartphone or you can also use on your Pc or Windows by the help of Bluestacks.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download 2019

Below are some of the best Lucky Patcher’s Features and Usage Guide to know more, please continue reading.

  • One of the best Feature of Lucky Patcher APK is that it works even on non-rooted devices but note that it will work fully only on rooted Devices.
  • You can Apply Custom Patch to Get Full Version of Apps or Some Special Features.
  • You can Remove License Verification from Paid Apps.
  • It will Remove ADS from Free Apps, Games.
  • Install Modded Play Store

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk in Android

  • Download Lucky Patcher APK
  • After downloading Lucky Patcher, install it, Open and Gran Root Access, You can see Custom Patch Available, License Verification Found, In-app Purchases Found below the name of APPS.

To apply custom patch, follow the following steps:

  • You need to look for an app or game that have “Custom patch Available” below, tap on it.
  • Select Open menu of Patches –> Custom Patch, If Multiple Custom Patches are available then select any one of them. Just try one after another until it works.
  • Tap APPLY, wait for some minutes until “Patchers are applied” is seen CONGRATS.
  • If “Patch Could Not Be Applied” Message is displayed, Please UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE your APP version of your app or game as said by Lucky Patcher to fix this.

Suppose you are playing car games in your android devices and you are looking to unlock the level, then just find the patches and apply on game.

Remember: Please keep Lucky Patcher installed on your device if you had applied a custom patch to any app. Otherwise, the patch applied will be lost.

How to remove ads:

  • Click Open Menu of Patches => Then Remove Google Ads => Then tap on Patch to remove Google Ads => Apply.

How to USE Lucky Patcher on Windows 7/8/10

Now it’s time to use Lucky Patch on Windows
Let me tell you that Lucky Patcher will be compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 means almost all versions of Windows

  1. After Downloading Lucky Patcher Apk.
  2. Download ROOTED Bluestacks and install on your PC or Laptop.
  3. Google it for Rooted Bluestacks.
  4. Now all the processes are same as you do on your android smartphone. Enjoy and please do share with your friends.

Some FAQs on Lucky Patcher Apk:

Q. Is it safe to use Lucky Patcher Apk app on Android Device?

A. Let me tell you that Lucky Patcher Apk has more than 20 Million+ users and none of them complain about the issued that their device got damaged just because of Lucky Patcher Apk So you will be 100% Safe. Maybe you will get some error about “Play store saying no internet connection” for this issue’s solution you can google it and it will be solved within few minutes.

Q. All apps and games supported?

A. Well Lucky patcher supports almost all apps and games but unfortunately something it’s impossible to make it work on all the apps and games because every apps and game are different. So, there will be some apps that will not work on this app so you can’t patch them. There are many possibilities such as many modes are available for License verification, bus wise decision can get you success.

Q. Google Chrome says, “This file can be harmful”. Is Lucky patcher a virus?

Ans. Yes, Chrome will display this message for every .apk file that you downloaded. This is just a warning message, you can ignore it.

Q. Why this app gets so many updates?

A. The apps and games for which the patches are made, get frequent updates, the patches will be outdated, and we must rebuild them. So, we must update much frequently.


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