The money-saving apps in the market can make your military life more manageable and comfortable when it comes to financial planning and benefits. With a few taps on your mobile device, you can make payments, scrutinize your savings, overview account balance, and do much more. They can mainly be robust financial management tools for you. However, when selecting an app, make sure you get some or most of these features there. These include:
• Secure account management services, such as activating credit or debit card online along with new PIN settings
• Smoother account details update anytime from anywhere
• A complete view of the transactions, activities, and balance amount
• Hassle-free fund transfer to accounts in the same bank, third party, etc.
• Quick bill payment facilities across different vendors
• No sweat check deposits into your account
Additionally, the app should also be able to give you access to some incredible money-saving options on the go. It will remove all your worries, no matter how far you are from your family while performing your duties for your nation. These can include:
Rewards, cashback, discounts on shopping
Some financial apps offer excellent rewards or cash incentives when you purchase something using them. However, for that, you have to shop from the designated places. Some companies provide shopping points on a different number of purchases. These points are typically redeemable.
Auto loans
Some banking apps offer you the facility of applying for auto loans for new cars at lower interest rates. It can help you increase your savings quickly. And the best part is you can benefit from this feature on the go without having to visit a physical address. If you already have an existing loan on your car that charges you higher interest payments, then you can switch to a competitive refinancing option from there.
Credit cards
Look for a banking app that allows you to apply for a credit card online. Using credit cards for different shopping purposes and needs can help you save plenty of money. However, before you sign up, make sure their credit cards offer you a higher credit limit at lower or no interest rates. Also, the less APR, the better! Credit cards which offer reward points on every shopping can be an added advantage for your finances.
Home loans
Another significant cost incurring area is the home loan. Hence, you need to find a banking app from where you can apply for affordable home mortgage loans at lower interest charges and lesser upfront payments. You can look for rebates also.
Although these features and functionalities in your banking app can be an edge for you, make sure that what you choose is a safe and secure option. The ones which come with a two-step verification process ensure elaborate and strong security measures. As a user, you also need to practice a few things from your end, for example:
• Use updated OS, software, and browsers with anti-virus and firewall protection
• Set ingenious username and passwords and don’t save them online
• Visit your account often to track down and report any fraudulent activity that may have occurred
• Avoid using public Wi-Fi and devices for transactions
If you want to have a safe and financially rewarding experience, then you can consider using Navy Fed or some other trustworthy app once.


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