Starting your eCommerce business is a big thing, especially with all the necessary daily tasks which are required for a good performing eCommerce website. This is very popular business module in recent times and can be done in several different ways. 

The two most popular ways of setting up an eCommerce store are going traditional where you buy your products and then sell them to your customers, or order showcases them on your website and orders them from a third-party website to their address once someone pays for them (dropshipping).

Both ways, there are a lot of steps into the process that you need to take care of, and obviously, you cannot do that without the use of some essential tools. In this article, we will go through some of the best tools that will help you with your eCommerce business.

1. Mento

This is a tool that will automate your social media marketing related tasks in order to increase the number of sales. This will allow your eCommerce store to connect with all social media accounts and can schedule all your post related tasks for days in advance. 

It would also enrichen your content with the right content with tweets and hashtags and works with most of the eCommerce platforms.

2. Acquire Live Chat

Customer support is one of the most important things when you have an eCommerce store. Businesses that invest in customer support by finding a better way that customers can reach them have better options for success. This tool will help your business by simplifying the process of communication with your customers through live chat. It also offers screen sharing, which is perfect for guiding your customers through a process that they struggle with.

3. Referral Candy

Infusing your eCommerce store with a referral program is one of the best ways to get more word of mouth sales. This tool will motivate your customers to send your website to their family or friends and earn rewards. Referral Candy will boost your business growth and attract more customers along the way. It offers flexibility to the reward system and it is straightforward to integrate into your eCommerce store.

4. MailChimp

Obviously, you cannot run a successful eCommerce without an email list. Email marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your website, and it provides the highest return of investment (ROI). On average, you will get $40 for every $1 spent on email advertising, which is why you have to start collecting emails. MailChimp is one of the best on the market for such things and offers different options for subscription and specific tools to target the right audience on your email list.

5. Google Analytics

You cannot know how your eCommerce business is performing without comparing statistics. Gathering data from users that visit your website is also essential for establishing your target audience and optimize your site and products to suit their needs. Basically, Google Analytics is a must-have tool on your eCommerce website and all you need to do is add the tracking code to your site.

6. Facebook Advertising

Social media advertising is the most common way people advertise the products form their eCommerce store. No matter what kind of business you run, social media presence and advertising are essential to make sure you succeed. With the Facebook Advertising tool, you would be allowed to target your audience much better and also see some suggestions about best-performing products to advertise. It has a straightforward integration method and can sync with all your product data information making it much easier to set up a campaign.

These are some of the most essential tools that you must use on your eCommerce website. Running an eCommerce website is an exciting process just as trying to predict the Super Bowl winners. Still, it can be complicated with a lot of tasks, which is why it is important that you use some of the tools that can help you automate the process, letting you focus on other essential things.


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