Barcode scanner is optical scanner which is use to read barcodes and it decode the data
contained in the barcode and send that data into the system. Mostly barcode scanner replacement parts are designed for office use and retail uses for time saving and reduce the
efforts of users. Barcode scanner consisting light source, lens, light sensor and decoder
circuitry. Light sensor converts optical impulses into electrical signals and decode circuitry send barcode’s content to the output after analyzing barcode image from sensor. There are many types of scanners are there some of them are pen-type readers, laser scanner, CCD reader or LED scanner, camera-based scanners, PDA scanner, wireless scanner etc . We can use barcode scanner in industrial areas, shops, hospitals and many other areas to simplify the man work. There are some feature consider when we use barcode scanner.

About the types of scanner

There are mainly two types of scanner we can classify on the basis of their connectivity corded scanners and cordless scanner. Scanners must be connecting with a PC to transfer the barcode details to user; these connections may be corded or cordless. Usually corded scanners connect with a PC through a USB connection. Cordless scanner also work as the same way as corded scanner but it connect with PC wirelessly, these connection make possible through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular networks etc. cordless scanner give us more freedom to move. When use barcode scanner in outdoor, then you consider the ruggedness factors of them, some of them cannot use in dusted environment.

There are plenty types of scanners are there in both corded barcode scanner and cordless
barcode scanner form, so it is important to selection of barcode scanner according to our
purposes .When you use wireless connection barcode scanner then it must need a wireless
connection to the internet you can make it by Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection. Wi-Fi connection is comfortable when you use scanner in the building but when you are in a field work mobile broadband connection is good way. Handheld scanners are very easy to operate aim the barcode and then pull the trigger of handheld scanner; they are also available in cordless form so it is easy to our mobility.

Portability of barcode scanner

The barcode scanner replacement parts are more user friendly it fixed on counter need not to pick up and held, also it has wide range of scanning area so there is no need to aiming each barcodes, and it can read multiple numbers of barcodes at a time. Mobile computer give us a complete freedom of moving while scanning, mobile connect with PC through Wi-Fi or cellular networks. In-counter scanners we only do that just present the barcode in front of scanner. Fixed mount scanner is a very advanced level scanner; it is integrated with a larger automated system. It do not have any trigger or button to scan barcodes and it is always on and ready to read barcodes, it has a wide range of speed it can accommodate high speed going barcodes without help of user.


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