The developers of a site are not always identified as the judge of a good knowledge as the practitioners of SEO because when their turns come to build a website, they sometimes show unprofessionalism in their job. Even though this kind of job like web development necessitates experience in technical skills, so various types of technical skills are needed for progressive SEO.

By pursuing a customary checklist, it will be possible to chase the guidelines of Google’s Webmaster while a developer is going ahead in the competitive room in SEO. This is the checklist which looks at the different things like structured data, site speed optimization, improvements of SEO, HTML improvements, compatibility of cross-platform, and other types of developmental tasks from a perspective of the developer in the framework of SEO.

By investigating all these items in more detail, we can easily identify all those bottlenecks and the potential roadblocks that are most commonly related to the life cycle of the development of the SEO. This is the checklist that identifies those things which are regularly covered in the tools of Google’s webmaster, and it also ensures that you have all the capacities that are needed for the optimization of successful website all the time. Additionally, this checklist also covers less recognized but key items that are also very important to attempt when you are going to develop any website.

Developers have to query about My Google Webmaster Tools

Most of the websites make use of tools like Google webmaster and also the Google Analytics as their program of statistics tracking of choice. Certainly, there are new options too. Although tracking programs are valueless if there is any mistakes in their configurations.

Checklist point 1: Is Programming like My Traffic Tracking Installed Correctly?

If there is any fault in the tracking program or it is not fixed properly, it will probably show invalid, mistaken data, or much more than that. The duplicate data will show an enlargement when there may not be any growth like this. Shortly you have to make sure the tags of the tracking program are only fixed on the page on one occasion. Because different installations and incorrect page set up may become a key concern later. So, Google recommends us using tools like Google Tag Manager for more compound analytics of installations.

Mobile-First Index Development

An Index like mobile-first, coming from Google, has long been rumored by us, but finally, it’s not a topic of rumor anymore. In the development of a website, the idea of mobile-first advancement is always an excellent idea.

Checklist point 2: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly or not?

The term "Mobile-friendly" may have a couple of different meaning in the world of development.

1. Technically, the term wants to clarify if the site obeys the techniques of standard development using a responsive style sheet of CSS with queries of media

2. Technically, the term also wants to clarify if the site makes use of a separate subdomain of mobile or not. While there is no intrinsically wrong with the using of a mobile sub-domain, it can compose SEO more complex.

Any time when you are going to use any subdomain, you are asking Google that it is nothing but a property of following physical web. In contrast to employing a sub-folder, the sub-domain will be measured as separate property of web and can be harder to handle when it comes to a definite task of SEO like the acquisition of link.

Checklist point 3: Structures of Mobile URL leading to the Duplicate or Copy content.

It is the opinion of an author that if your site is using an structure, then your website should be built up in such a mode that structures of the URL do not effect in being recognized as a duplicate content.

If you are using several URLs, then, naturally, there may create a duplicate content can to explain the accurate same content. When you have the intention to create a mobile site with the use of a mobile sub-domain, it is the general best practice to certify a tag like rel=canonical tag that is used to demonstrate the desktop site as the content of the source. This can facilitate you to prevent the issues of duplicate content. In this context, it is important to note that the guidelines of Google's developer also suggest doing this.

Additionally, you have to be certain that the structures of the URL during the progress should not be out of your reach, especially when you are setting up a website for https://. It is a protocol of typical development to get secure certificates for those sites that are employing https://, but you have to be careful that if you do not buy the accurate, secure certificate, you may face recurring problems as a result of soft 404s. And this is just that leads to recurring problems and copy content because Google gets confused by several URLs that are showing the same content.

To keep away from this issue, you have to purchase the wild card version of the security certificate that will help you to be certain that duplicate URLs are not formed throughout development. Or else, you will have to execute 301 redirects manually, which can turn out to be a terrifying job for you when you’re coping with a bigger website.


As a consequence of these intrinsic problems with the development of a site with security, it is the best scheme mobile, and other types of URLs as noted above, it is usually the best scheme to get a secure wildcard certificate and build up a website from the beginning. With the use of a sheet of a single style, you have to manage your plan across the mechanisms.

This is the way, by which you can protect the content on any mobile gadget that Google prefers to see. Here you have the chance to cut calls to the server, and thus you have the opportunity to reduce issues like URL structure by hitting all of the problems at once. You can contact with web developers NYC for designing your website.


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