Whether you are new to the business world or have been running one for years, the struggle of productivity is a complex one. It is a balance between employee needs and manager expectations. 

On the road toward finding stronger office productivity, you need to find the right kind of software. Your employees need quality tools with easy to use functions and great options.

Which computer programs should you be looking for? We have our top 5 list below. 

  1. G Suite

The power of Google has only gotten stronger and put one of the best productivity suites on the market onto this list. Google is more than a search engine, and its host of programs gives you a wide variety of tools. 

The G Suite incorporates cloud integration alongside Google’s mainstay programs like Gmail, Hangouts, GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, and Google+ to name a few.

Google lays a solid foundation for communication and organization within the business. Communication is great for productivity, as it allows no one to waste time wondering what is going on. 

  1. Microsoft Office

The classic Microsoft Office still has all the hallmarks needed for a lot of office work. The suite of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook have stood the test of time and form the gold standard.

While the programs have gone through very little changes, their reliability has built the basics for any and all office work. Without Office or an equivalent, there is little that you can do. 

  1. Iterable Personalized Marketing

Marketing can be a troublesome situation if you don’t have a database to build on. There can be thousands of pieces of data to any single campaign and sorting them with the wrong software is a ruin to productivity. 

Personalized marketing comes easy with Iterable. This potent software gives you an easy to use database for recording, storing, and using your marketing data with high efficiency. 

  1. LibreOffice

For the more frugal or small business-minded, there is LibreOffice. Based on the OpenOffice open source program, LibreOffice is a cheap but effective foundation tool similar to Microsoft Office. 

LibreOffice contains many of the variants of the same program as Office, such as Writer, Calc, Draw, and Impress.

Despite the “knock-off” feel to the software, it has all the basic powers of Microsoft Office with none of the price. It may not be the gold standard, but it has all the basics down. 

The biggest strength is LibreOffice is update proof, using a general save file that you can open and operate from any of the OpenOffice programs.

  1. Apache OpenOffice

Similar in the vein of LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice adds a few unique twists to make it different but still powerful.

For international businesses, Apache offers a massive variety of languages to operate in. With other 40 languages in its database and support for more in the range of 70 total, you can adapt to any area.

Apache has a good deal more granularity and customization. This can be a great feature but adds a bit of complexity to the program to understand the controls. 

Finding the Computer Programs for Your Office Productivity

There are a lot of uses for a wide variety of computer programs. The software that forms the core of your business is the one that you need to focus on, and it has to be dynamic, powerful, and easy to use. 

Getting the most out of your software can be easy when you know what you are doing. Staying informed is what we pride ourselves in, so when you need more information on Windows-based items, you can check out our articles and guides.


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