Not all who love art are travelers.

Sometimes you want a new piece for that living room wall, but you can’t find the *right* one. Sometimes you know what you want there but don’t know where to find it. Sometimes, you want to give someone a gift but don’t know where to look for on such a short notice. Sometimes you want to buy art from the comfort of your sofa.

In this day and age, when everybody is more tech-savvy than anything else, there are few art enthusiasts and even fewer who know what to do anything about it. After all, not everybody can travel places for art.

So why not combine the two? With most things available online, why should art be any different? Now, buy beautiful and affordable paintings and other artworks that don’t put stress on your home decor budget.

Here, in no order of preference, is a list of 5 websites you can visit to buy a masterpiece.

(And you thought online shopping is limited to clothes!)

  1. Eikowa

This is the site to go to if you want to have originals, abstracts, and modern pieces. Fill your home with color with Eikowa. You can shop according to your budget, and even get recommended artists. For art novices, there are tutorials as well *squee*!

With help-articles like ” A 10 Step Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Art” and “When Did Art Become Abstract,” you get to understand art before buying it. Now that’s something everyone needs.

  1. Minted

This is a popular choice among online art enthusiasts. Minted lets you buy art from independent artists. Once you figure out the kind of pieces that appeal to you, it becomes easier to filter your search. For yourself or as a gift, it has something for everyone. The price starts at around $100, which varies depending on your choice to get a frame.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is an excellent source of art online, both modern and vintage. Scroll in your free time and find amazing, varied pieces by artists from all over the world. You can narrow down your search according to size, medium, or color scheme that appeals to you.

The prices are extremely varied due to a varied collection.

  1. Juniper print shop

If you love art that is larger than life, go to Juniper Print Shop. It has a vast collection of oversized modern art for a gallery wall, with a choice of both digital downloads and physical pieces available. The price also varies accordingly, with digital prints starting from $20 and 16×20 inch prints from $40. Great big art for a tight budget!

  1. 20×200

This is perfect for lovers of photography. At 20×200, you get affordable, modern photography from talented photographers. You can browse through the site according to your interests and need, like ‘ocean-inspired art,’ ‘kids’ room art’ etc. Liven up your home with modern photography. Prints are priced as low as $24.

And there you have it, art-lovers!

Say sayonara to those blank walls in your home, with these definitely-in-your-budget art pieces.


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