While there is nothing current about affiliate marketing – as a form of digital promotion it has been around in one form or another for some 20 years – as an e-commerce opportunity the possibilities it offers for generating income show no sign of abating. The reasons for this are straightforward. Affiliates save online retailers a lot of unnecessary expenditure in terms of their marketing budgets and advertising campaigns. Affiliate marketers can set up programs for next-to-nothing and if this is done in conjunction with a sound business strategy the income will roll in. If you are a tech blogger here’s what you should know about the affiliate set-up.


Affiliate marketing is all about the product, and prior to signing up for any affiliate program, you need to research the items you are going to be selling. These will fall into two categories. Physical products are the traditional basis of retail transactions. The chances are you may well have ordered units online yourself at some point in the not-too-distant past. Digital items are less tangible but are equally attractive in sales terms. These would include e-books, subscriptions, membership functions or services.

Regardless of all which of these two classifications of units you feel drawn to, the basic rules of affiliate marketing are constant. When you set up shop as an affiliate there is so much more you need to be offering potential customers than the simply attractive looking page containing hyperlinks to be clicked-through to a sales page. It would be especially advantageous if you could tie-in the products with your own particular area of expertise.

For instance, if you are running a blog that focuses on reviewing the latest computer games it would make sense to tie in with topical items, like computer games or gaming accessories. The key to marketing success is to generate a level of trustworthiness and expertise was in your niche area.

Establishing expertise

Ideally, your social media network should start to look upon you as the ‘go to’ website when it comes to ordering that particular product. It can be relatively easy to establish this sense of authority by writing constructive reviews. Better still, purchase a unit yourself, then make a video review, outlining why this would be of benefit to anyone who was interested. Write a compelling article that shows it off in a positive light, underscoring any technological advances inherent in the product, then post your film online.

Niche areas

If you are managing a tech blog then you will already have a handle on the latest innovations, products or services that are becoming buzzwords in the IT community. One of the most ubiquitous items these days are drones, increasingly being used for all manner of activities, from agriculture to leisure pursuits. Although these items are still reasonably pricey they are popular, representing an ideal market to tap into. If you have any degree of tech-savvy you can dig into this topic further. Check out a top affiliate marketing site to get an idea of the latest tech-related content that is generating customer interest.

If you can tap into the public’s enthusiasm for drones and write intelligently about why anyone should invest in these amazing pieces of hardware, then you can sit back and watch as your web traffic translates into click-throughs and, ultimately, commission.

The same goes for smartphones or the aforementioned gaming equipment. These are all niche areas that are regularly covered by Tech bloggers. But if you can approach the subject from the angle of expert affiliate marketer you stand to make a considerable income.


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