If you are not aware of what a water filter pitcher is then let us tell you that this is a pitcher which also has an in-built water filter in it. This can help you in getting clean drinking water with even just tap water. They can hold different volumes and there are different types available as well. In general, you will have a pitcher, lid and a component of the filter. There are majorly two types of water filters, the first one is Cartridge Water Filter and the second one are Carbon Filter. We will tell you how both of these works.

Carbon Filters

We will first talk about carbon filters. To understand the functioning of the carbon filters you need to know that the carbon is known to be one of the best filters which can easily clear the toxins from the water. The carbon in these pitchers is usually produced from wood, coconut shell, coal or petroleum pitch. The manufacturer uses activated carbon. This can either be a physically activated carbon or this can be a chemically activated carbon which is added into the filter.

The filter works on the properties of carbon which is known as adsorption. This is known to be a property which makes the substance adhere to a specific surface or element. Since active carbon is very porous, the impurities are trapped inside the active carbon. To give you an idea, just 1 gram of active carbon has an estimated area of over 32 thousand sq. feet. So as soon as you pour the water in the filter, the carbon starts the blocking the impurities.

The only drawback of these carbon filters is that the efficiency reduces with time and hence you would need to change the filter after a specific time. Most of the water filter pitchers have an indicator or the time duration after which you can change the carbon filter.

Cartridge Filter

Talking about the cartridge filter, these ones have a cartridge integrated into the filter which is considered to be more efficient than the carbon filters. These filters contain activated carbon along with other elements as well. You will come across some of the filters that take the water through 7 filtering process. This also includes the ion exchange resin, activated carbon, mineral balls, and even tourmaline to give you the filtered water.

Getting into details, the ion exchange resins attract the impurities and they stick to the surface. In addition to this, mineral balls also add the minerals to the drinking water which makes the water much healthier. Lastly, the tourmaline also helps in improving the metabolism of your body. This is how a cartridge filter purifies the water.


Both activated carbon filters and cartridge filters are good for use and they can help you in getting clean drinking water. In both these filters, you would have to change the filter cartridge after a specific period of time to ensure better purification.


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