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Signs That Tell Your Website Needs a Makeover

Milk, cake, cosmetics, credit cards, warranties, and guarantees! What’s similar between all? Yes, they have an expiry date. Each and everything in this universe has a limit or an extent to which it can exist and then it either needs to be changed or modified for further existence.

Similar is the case with your website. After a certain period of time, even it needs to be redeveloped, modified and revamped to stand strong in front of its competitors. These days everything is moving at a fast pace. Internet users don’t tend to have a lot of patience. A study states that around 79% of users will start searching for another website to complete a task if a particular website isn’t properly optimized or user-friendly. Even the slightest delay or a broken link can make them switch the website and move on to the next one.

The website design is quite important if you are looking to build trust and acquire clients especially when you run a local business. Even though people spread word of mouth for local business, there are quite a lot who search online. If you local business website is getting visits but no conversions you definitely need to figure out what’s going on with your website. In competitive niche such as law where is very hard to rank locally having a high converting website design is definitely a must if you want to convert your visitors into clients. So next time you log into your dashboard and you see page views but you’re not getting any clients, you should seriously give a shot to your website design.

A great website can help you to draw more and more clients which lead to more sales and eventually more profit whereas a bad one could do the complete opposite. Your website is a virtual portrays your business. It’s accessible to anyone anytime anywhere just at the click of a button. It’s the first stepping stone or the first impression that someone gets about your company. If what they see is outdated or unappealing it’ll negatively influence their overall experience and think about your brand.

Web design and development is an evolving art form, with trends driven by shifting styles and emerging technology. The media, designs techniques being used are changing so quickly that websites are no more static art forms. During olden times building brand credibility was once a process but now a day the trust, faith and respect one has for your brand can be influenced within seconds all based on the first impression of your website. An unattractive old website with stale content can portray your company as unprofessional and lazy. If your site seems to be old school kind of then how will you convince your potential customers that you can provide cutting-edge solutions to their problems?

With all that being said, technology never waits for anyone. It keeps on growing day by day and it’s our responsibility to catch it up. Like everything has a certain shelf life, so doesn’t your website. Max to max the shelf life of a website is 2 to 3 years. This means that the components that were considered to be supreme few years ago are all outdated in 2018. To know that your website needs to be changed you don’t need design aficionado or web expert to recognize dated design or to get frustrated with second-rate usability. In order to be competitive in today’s market, your business’s website can no longer be an “online brochure”. It needs to be responsive as well as should adapt to various screen sizes, should have engaging content and should be able to make the user stay long on it.

The following signs will let you know if your website is telling the world how old-school your thinking is:

1. Inaccurate or stale content

Content is the king!! If your content seems to be boring or inappropriate or rather irrelevant to the theme of your website then surely no one is going to visit it. There’s no need to have a “Welcome” or “Thank You for visiting” phrase, rather the content should be showcasing more about what you do or what you are here to offer. It so should be catchy as well as should bind the reader to your website. Also, make sure it’s not copied from anywhere as this is illegal as well.

2. Outdated designs, media, and visuals

Design elements include all the things that meet the eye. From colors to fonts to images (shape, size, hue) etc. A good design can attract more leads to a traditional one. But one should also make a note that these designs need to be unique and not copied. Apart from that these designs need not be so loud and harsh that it deviates from its actual purpose. The aesthetics of your website makes a user comfortable and establish a sense of trust in your brand. If it’s unpleasing it’ll surely detour the visitors.

3. Not using SSL

SSL protocol is one of the main aspects of a trustworthy website. It’s nothing but an added security to the online transactions (if any). It basically encrypts the data while transactions are being made. So at least, secure website with cheap price Comodo SSL certificates remain the good that helps to give assurance to a consumer that their confidential information never gets into the hands of an intruder. Usually denoted by a padlock symbol in the URL bar along with https. Presence of SSL certificate denoted that your website is up to date as well as is safe to share personal details.

4. Not responsive

One of the major drawbacks of any website is when it doesn’t adapt to a new screen size or a device. With the rapid change in mobile technology, people are more prone to use mobile for personal as well as business use. So your website is able to change its orientation as well as resolution when opened on a mobile phone, tablet or even a PC.

5. Poor user experience

When a person visits your website it should be easy for him/her to understand where to go and what to navigate. The website needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as should be user-friendly. It should be clear, structured and intuitive. It should act as a guide to the visitor. A poor user experience eventually leads to low bounce rates and less interaction.

6. Dated photo and other media

The images and other media that are used on your website should be of good quality. It shouldn’t pixelate when the screen size changes. Also, you should have the full authority of using that media on your website.
The images and other media that are used on your website should be of good quality. It should not pixilated when the screen size changes. In addition, you should have the full authority of using that media on your website. Even, the content is not loading properly on your website and not justified according to a frame of a device means not optimized for mobile, tablet and other portable devices. You should have 3D and HD quality media and images on your website that lure visitors and drive them to browse your website in-depth. You also need to upload videos of your product and the latest news that will keep customers/visitors updated. It will make a great impact on your website.

7. Not generating leads

The main object of your website is to convert your visitors into customers and if your website has, fewer leads or leads are not convert-able then it is time to gaze at it. You can turn your website’s pages to optimized and take benefit of the target audience. Put informative content on your website with links and assure your visitors about new knowledge on new topics/your products. Highlight few things on your website with links that catches audience easily.

So how many of the above got applied to your website? One, two or many?? It’s time for you to get your website revamped now.

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