You can take screenshot on windows 10 using a very handy feature snipping tool. No need to download snipping tool for windows 10.

There are several ways present to take screenshot on windows 10 and the most famous is clicking “windows+print screen” key. The print screen key is famous because you can capture a screenshot instantly by just pressing keys and then copy to clipboard. But many windows 10 users are not aware of the most useful feature of windows 10 called the Snipping tool. Windows 10 snipping tool allows you to take screenshot in a easier way with the help of snipping tool mode and timer. Snipping tool in windows 10 is like a boon from Microsoft because it helps you to take perfect screenshot with perfect timing and later can save it as your desired image format. Those user’s who are facing problem like print screen not working on windows 10 can use the feature of windows 10 snipping tool and it’s very handy in such situation.

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How to open snipping tool in windows 10

  1. The most easiest way to open a snipping tool is by searching “Snipping tool” text in windows 10 search section and there you will find the snipping tool application.

snipping tools in windows 102. Hit “Windows+R” and type “snippingtool” with enter you open snipping tool in windows 10.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool


How to use windows 10 snipping tool

After launching windows 10 snipping tool, you will see a small window with five options. The five options include New, Mode, Delay, Cancel & Options. Each option has specified role to play in taking a screenshot on windows 10.

Windows 10 Snipping Tool

Let starts with “Mode” section, on clicking on “Mode” you will see a drop down menu which includes free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip & full-screen snip.

How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 With Snipping Tool


See below examples to know more about mode options:

  1. Free-form snip

How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 With Snipping Tool

In free-form snip, you can take screenshot in any abstract shape. For example, you can draw a free flow line around the area where you want to take a screen shot.

  1. Rectangular snip

How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 Snipping Tool

In rectangular snip, you can take a screenshot in a square or rectangular shape without any boundation of size.

  1. Window snip

In window snip, you can take screenshot of full screen, excluding below task bar and windows menu.

  1. Full-screen snip

In full-screen snip, you can take screenshot of the full screen.


Delay Section

In delay section, you can set timer from no delay to 5 seconds. If you set a 5 second delay, then it will delay for 5 second to take a screenshot. The delay is very essential in taking screenshot of drop down menu. You just need to hold drop down for 5 second to capture a screen shot.


Cancel Section

In cancel section, you can cancel the current screen shot selection and start with a new mode and timer.


Options Section

In the options section, you will see several handy options to play. Just explore one by one options and start taking a screenshot in windows 10.

print screen not working windows 10


New Section

Last but not the least New section, it will allow you to take a new screenshot in windows 10.


Third party windows 10 snipping tools

If you are not satisfied with the output of windows 10 snipping tool, then you can go for third party tools to take screenshot in windows 10. These tools are packed with additional features which reduce the task in a way better than normal windows 10 snipping tool. Have a look at below mentioned snipping tool for windows 10.

  1. PicPick

Picpick is a free software available to take a print screen on windows 10. It allows you to modify screenshot with image editing tools. Picpick includes different capture modes like full screen capturing with rolling down the scroll in browsers.

  1. Greenshot

Greenshot is free software just like picpick and it includes all the basic screenshot methods. Additionally, you can share captured screenshot via file sharing services and social networks.


There are lots of ways to take windows 10 screenshot and here I tried to mention a few of them. If you know better windows 10 snipping tools or want to give suggestions on how to take screenshot on windows 10 then just comment below and share your valuable knowledge with our visitors.


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