Nokia 8 Sirocco – Specifications, Price And Features

Nokia 8 Sirocco is supported by Android Oreo which makes it dual android smartphone having hybrid sim slot. It comes with 5.5-inch display with features like P-OLED capacitive touchscreen having 1440 x 2560 pixels. For image capturing, Nokia 8 Sirocco uses 12 + 13 megapixels as rear camera and 5 megapixels as front camera for

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Price, Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is supported by Android Oreo 8 which makes it amazing dual android smartphone having hybrid sim slot. It comes with 6.2-inch display with features like Super AMOLED having 2960 x 1440 pixels. For image capturing, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus uses 12 + 12 megapixels as dual rear camera and 8 pixels

How to Fix Nvidia Geforce – Unable To Connect To Nvidia

If you are getting error unable to connect to nvidia then don’t worry because tons of people getting same error and interestingly we got some quick solutions. Most people are encountering this problem while updating their windows operating system of version 7 and above. For gamers, Nvidia resides in the core of their heart and

5 Benefits of Using Technology Advances in Education

Now innovative technology is becoming more predominant in all spheres of life. The article discusses benefits of integrating technology in the educational sphere. 5 Benefits of Using Technology in Education In the 21st century, innovative technology is becoming more predominant in practically all spheres of life, including an education sector. Printed textbooks are being replaced

How to Install Kodi on Chromebook or Chrome OS Devices

You can install kodi on chromebook or any chrome OS devices using google playstore and arc welder. Just install and start streaming kodi for chromebook. Kodi is one of the biggest platforms to stream online to watch on-demand movies, TV shows, and music videos. You can play specific types of media and playback applications with

10 Best Free Video Players to Play Media in 2018

Video media players are used to play video and audio files/format in your computer. These are the best free video players available to download in 2018. Video media players are needed to play HD videos & music. Even mac and windows have very efficient video player but users are still looking for alternatives because they

5 Best GBA Emulator for android 2018

Looking for best GBA emulator for android? You can find here some best suitable gameboy emulator to play the most popular gameboy games with easy. GBA is most successful product for Nintendo and it is very popular around the world. It was an amazing gaming console which allows user to play game anywhere they want