Smart speakers are here to stay and are having significant effects on all parts of society. Not only is it changes the way we operate as people in our day to day lives with so many things now voice operated, but it is also changes how marketers set targets and where they place their emphasis.
Smart speakers are changing the way we search for things online, now given the top answer only. This means that search engine optimisation, or SEO, is changing with voice search and marketers need to adapt. How we use our smart speakers is going to impact on how marketers change their course of action. Understanding how to make the most out of your smart speaker is going to improve your life and that of marketers.

Control your lights and other room features

Depending on the type of smart speaker you purchase (Apple, Amazon or Google) you are able to control various electrical functions in your house. This means that you can set up your smart speaker to control your lights, heating, air conditioning and other on off appliances that are connected to the central electrical wiring.
Using these features can make your life far more convenient as you no longer have to search through the dark for the light switch, nor do you need to leave the couch when the room gets a little cold. Your smart speaker will bring in a range of convenience to your life.

Play a song or playlist

Entertaining is made super easy with a smart speaker. You can have it control your whole sound system and the songs that play meaning you can request songs, have it play a specific playlist and change this at any stage simply through a vocal request.
Having it linked to your Sonos is a great way to ensure that your entertainment doesn’t run into any trouble with songs you don’t want playing or with the volume too loud. Everything can be controlled by your voice meaning you can skip songs, turn up the volume or change the playlist without leaving your guests.

Use the internet

This is one of the greatest features of a smart speaker and dramatically improves convenience. No longer do you need to find your phone or computer to ask Google a question. From anywhere in the house you can ask a question about the weather or your calendar or simply a query you may have.
When working in the kitchen you don’t need to have a recipe out and constantly go back to check it as your smart speaker can read it out as you go. This makes cooking incredibly easy. You can also book an Uber, request a taxi or contact people via your smart speaker without having to move.
Your smart speaker allows you to continue whatever activity you are involved in whilst still answering the questions you need answered or contacting those you need to.


As mentioned above, your smart speaker can be connected to your calendar. This means that you can add new events at any time as well as being reminded of important events coming up. You can have your week red out or just your day simply by asking. You’ll also get alerts telling you when to leave based on the current traffic and weather.
Your smart speaker can make your life significantly easier. With SEO changing as a result as well, it is likely that you will get more personalised results through your smart speaker with the answers you want based on previous preferences. Soon enough, your smart speaker will know you better than you know yourself.


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