You can install kodi on chromebook or any chrome OS devices using google playstore and arc welder. Just install and start streaming kodi for chromebook.

Kodi is one of the biggest platforms to stream online to watch on-demand movies, TV shows, and music videos. You can play specific types of media and playback applications with the wide range of choices available. Kodi is a popular and favorite streaming platform, formally known as XMBC, which is a free open source media player with the great user-friendly interface

Kodi makes its presence amongst the most powerful media application which officially supports available for Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS and Raspberry Pi. But one major OS is missing from the Kodi’s client is Chrome OS. Google’s OS is no doubt an excellent web-based operating system but comes with some restrictions. For overcoming restrictions and to enhance features, google’s slowing trying to add Android app support but still, it’s not working properly for every chrome OS-based laptops. So Chromebook needs android support and it will take some additional time before this feature available of every device. Without android support, it will be difficult to install Kodi on Chromebook without the availability of play store.

But if you are willing to put in some effort then you can install Kodi on any Chrome OS devices. With the help of some third-party web apps and dealing with few bugs in the process, you can install Kodi on Chromebook.

Learn how to install Kodi on Chromebook

1. With the help of Google Play Store

how to Install kodi on chromebook

If your device has supported to google play store or your device upgraded to a newer version which gives you an ability to run a google play store on your Chrome OS device then you’re lucky. Because you won’t be dealing with any difficult methods during installation. You can install Kodi Chromebook just the way you install applications on your android device.

2. Installing Kodi without the google play store

how to Install kodi for chromebook

Installing Kodi on Chromebook without play store is not impossible but somewhat difficult. Because the user has to face some network issue problem, crash during media playback and some minor bugs. So if you still looking to install Kodi on Chromebook then start with updating your Chrome OS. After completion of OS update make sure it’s updated properly. Now install ARC Welder app on your Chromebook.

install kodi on chromebook

ARC welder app is used to install android application for testing and repackaging purposes. It is the only reliable way to install android apps on your Chrome OS device without using the google play store. Now download Kodi’s .apk file from some trustworthy source. After downloading .apk file, start ARC welder and click on plus sign to add your .apk file. Then ARC welder start loading APK.

kodi chromebook

Once the application has loaded successfully, you will see some options to run the application on your device. Once the application preference full-filled then click Test button to get started. In its initial run, it will take time to load Kodi on Chromebook so you need to have some patience for this process. Once a load is completed it launch itself and you can see kodi app running on your chromebook. If the app crashed or fails to load then try reloading the Kodi app within the ARC welder. You can add Kodi chrome extension on chrome browser which makes it easier to launch at any time.


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