Gameshare on Xbox one is easy and you can share your xbox one game with your one friend/relative. For gamesharing xbox one, you need to follow simple steps.

Game sharing in Xbox one is now popular among Xbox gamers. In past, users buy a physical retail disc for Xbox and if the user wants to share their games means he/she need to give their disc to another person. Basically, he/she must have to wait for the disc which they have given to a person to play a game and thus they can’t play the same game. Game sharing in Xbox one is simple and both the users can play the game at the same time without worrying about their locations.

Let’s learn about game sharing

Game sharing is an amazing feature present on Xbox one which let you share your all games with one and only one friend (or relatives). Both users can share games of Xbox one with each other and play all the titles which are available in-game libraries. Xbox game sharing is very simple but if you don’t know how to gameshare on Xbox one then don’t worry because we are here to explain you each and every step to share your Xbox one games with your friends.

What required to gameshare Xbox one?

  1. Xbox one console.
  2. A trusted friend or relative because to share a game you need to share your username and password.
  3. Xbox live account.

Steps to learn how to gameshare on Xbox One:

1. Get the information of your friend/relatives account.

You need to get the account details from your friend/relative. Trust is required between both ends because username and password is very critical information which can’t be shared with anyone. Once you get the account information then go to the next step.

2. Add a new account in your Xbox One console.

xbox one gamesharing

Open your Xbox one console and add a new account by clicking drop-down which presents next to your profile avatar. Now, select “Add New” and add a new account to gameshare on Xbox one. So basically you signed in with your friend account by selecting choose this person and now move forward to next step.

3. Set your Xbox one as “Home Console”

gamesharing xbox one

You need to set your Xbox one as “Home Console” by heading over Settings>My Xbox>My home Xbox and then select “Make this my Home Xbox”.

4. Download your friends/relatives games.

gameshare xbox one

Once you set the game console as “Home Xbox” using your friend’s account. Log out your friend account and login to your account. After signing in, go to My Games & Apps > Games and scroll to the right. Now you can see all your friend’s game under “Ready to install” column.

Pick any one game from the list and download it. Now you can install the game which you got through Xbox one game sharing technique.


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