What is Email Drip Marketing and Why should we use it?

Campaigning and promotions are not just limited to offline or person-to-person meet. The internet has opened greater ways to reach followers and like-minded readers pretty easily. Known by different names, Email Drip marketing is now running as a remarkable campaigning option. Why Drip Email Marketing and what is exactly means are the reasons we are here to talk about.So let’s have a look at the matter for a better understanding.

Drip Marketing

When you hear Marketing, you probably get the idea of what it is. Marketing is done through sending emails to subscribers which can be about anything such as an event, new products or offers, or even when you visit your favourite blog or website you are subscribed to. The next thing you are going to see in your mailbox is a welcoming note from the group you follow. Drip Campaigns is a way to keep in touch with your favourite group or website to get what you expect from the subscribed channel. It could be a list of news that might interest you, or beneficial for you in the future.

Consider a blog you just visited 2 or 3 days ago that you subscribed for future updates and alerts. You probably forgot to check it today, and next you see is an email from the blog with best suggestions to read. Win-win, you redirect from your inbox straight to the page where you can fetch the information you had missed. Take simplest example here, you must have registered at some job portal to bring you the latest jobs based on your profile, and sure you must have subscribed to their newsletters or recent job updates. In case you miss to check out recent job opportunities, you are notified about the same through a drip email. This is also a drip campaigning.

Why Should we Use Email Drip Marketing?

Why not? It is cost-effective and efficient since there is no inclusion of campaigning material or hiring professionals to promote or campaign, unlike the conventional methods. By the way of email drip marketing, you have the opportunity to pitch your message to the right audience or customers. It means that the only ones who are interested in your products or blogs would be notified or encouraged to participate in the process through a newsletter sent through their email. You can’t meet the audience in person to give the specifics of your product, Email Drip Campaigns come in handy here. Therefore, ensuring that the message is delivered to the right audience at the right time, to engage with each and everyone of your subscribers, Email Drip Marketing is severely needed.

Advantages of Drip Marketing

I think I have covered most of it in the previous section here. Let me have you know about some more. Once you identify the right audience for your website/online project/campaign, you can start engaging with them through the easiest means with no overhead or cost. Almost every website these days uses Drip Campaigns to draw user’s attention to their latest releases or be it a music platform, a career portal, NPO, ormerchandise seller. All you have to do is curate a message to deliver to the target user and broadcast by a trigger.

Drip Marketing is also a great parameter to analyse and assess your outreach. The number of subscribers and unsubscribed users can be easily identified that further assist you to work towards the shortcomings of your campaigns.

When should you use it?

Well, it is about marketing, so whenever you are ready to share something about your new launches or product range to offer to the customers, I think, is the right time to use the method to reach them. It is all about engaging with the people, and Drip Marketing helps you with how to do it.


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