“I am here,” we get the feeling of assurance. Of late, the release of Iamhere app aptly justifies its name. It is a unique hyperlocal social network that works in a different way than the other social network platforms. You get all the relevant information on your neighborhood that matches your hobbies and interests. The app is the ideal platform for everyone. From individuals to business organizations, everyone gets the scope to interact with one another within the nearby places.

After downloading the app for your Android or iOS device, you start by creating your avatar. Iamhere will show you a map for finding the people or services that you prefer. You will find it a breeze connecting with the people of your choice via the chats, stories, and call features of the app. Amidst all this, the app ensures privacy; it does not reveal personal information to others unless you intend to do so.
The app can be handy for those willing to donate and volunteer for social causes. Generally, the NGOs are the places that take up such projects. Iamhere helps people connect with NGOs in your neighborhood, and helps those who are eager to contribute to the betterment of society. Information about specific NGOs is enlisted in the app. You can readily learn how to become a volunteer and when or how to donate for various events. Since the app lets you allow the call and chat feature, it does not take long to initiate money transfers.

NGOs have also got an excellent platform for listing their upcoming campaigns. They can advertise and promote their cause and reach out to people via this app. Quite recently, Iamhere was in partnership with a leading NGO. It initiated a collection drive across the country. Those who were willing to contribute money were aware via the app about the collection centers.

Iamhere lets you connect with the like-minded people in less than a minute. This is a feature which no other apps manage to do. After all, you interact with people and not places. You can search for anything you want. Here, we have kept our focus on locating the NGOs. However, the list of search possibilities is endless. Now, get to know about all the nearby hotels, medical stores, restaurants, banks, car service centers, schools and so on in a jiffy.

We keep reiterating about the NGOs as they have been hugely benefited from this app. It acts as a bridge between the individuals and NGOs that spare no effort for contributing towards the welfare of the society. Similarly, the app is like a dream come true for business startups and small retailers. They can now reach out to their potential customers and can expect to expand their businesses. It will also help them to build an everlasting relationship with these customers.

So, with the help of iamhere app that nearby, you can finally fulfill your desire of contributing or acting as a volunteer on a single or multiple NGOs.


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