These days we want to have it all, like having the best looking yard in the neighborhood while still being eco-friendly. That’s why corn gluten weed control works the best of all choices available. Natural and safe for the environment, and yet deadly to weeds. Let’s take a look at 6 things you should know before choosing this as your weed killer.

What type of weed killer is it? The technical term is pre emergent herbicide and fertilizer best organic herbicide for weeds. Simply put, as the seed sprouts, the corn gluten kills the root. No root means no plant. It kills the unwanted plants as they emerge. Being a fertilizer means it feeds your plants, making it a true weed and feed.

What is it made from? Grinding corn doesn’t just give us corn meal; there is also a powder left over and that is corn gluten meal. This nutrient-rich powder is also used in animal feed, not just as an herbicide. That’s what makes it such an eco-friendly choice: it’s a food, NOT a poison.

How can food kill weeds? When applied, this acts as a shield for your yard. New roots are unable to grow strong because this herbicide dries up the tender new growth. Even more amazingly, it helps existing plants, and strengthens their growth! Not only will your plants not have to compete with new weeds, they will get a boost of energy from this herbicide.

Why is it good for plants? Nitrogen is terrific for feeding plants, and corn gluten weed control has about 10% nitrogen. So as well as preventing invading plants like dandelions, lambsquarters, crabgrass, bentgrass, smartweed, and Bermuda grass, it gives your whole yard a great source of food to keep it strong and healthy. The nitrogen will continue to feed the soil for 3 to 4 months.

Is it easy to use? Just like chemical herbicides, you spread the corn gluten weed control over the area and water it in. Unlike chemical versions though, there’s no need to keep people or pets off your yard after using. Being a safe product means there isn’t any danger of poisoning anyone or anything; not when applied, not on your clothes, and not when you’re storing it in your shed or garage.

Lastly, what aren’t you supposed to do? There are really only two things to avoid doing. Since this is a pre emergent, it kills seeds, and this includes lawn seed! This is not the time to apply grass seed; leave that for 5 to 6 weeks later. Aerating your lawn will put holes in your shield of protection so that too should be saved for later.

All in all, it really isn’t that hard to have a gorgeous landscape and still be good to the environment. The only change you have to make is to switch from using chemical herbicides to a safe and natural pre emergent herbicide. That makes corn gluten weed control the best choice for you, your yard, and the planet.


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