MIT Technology Review revealed their annual list of 10 breakthrough technologies for 2018 that will have a great impact on our lives for years to come. Here are some of the best breakthrough technologies that will shape the way we work and live.

Babel-Fish Earbuds

Are you planning to visit Germany and are looking for German tutor to improve your German communication skills? In our increasingly globalized world, languages can be barriers to communication. Google offers a solution to this problem with earbuds named for the sci-fi comedy concept introduced in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Google’s Pixel Buds use instant online translation technology and effectively help people understand each other communicating in different languages. It means you can easily carry out a natural conversation with a person speaking a different language.

Pixel Buds are easy-to-use and currently support 40 languages. One person wears them and the other holds the smartphone. When the Pixel Buds wearer speaks one of the languages, the app translates his/her words and plays them on the phone. The smartphone holder’s answer is translated and heard through the earbuds. The Pixel Buds are a useful tool for a techie traveler who often needs language help.

3-D Metal Printing

This technology has been used for plastic printing for decades in design and prototyping but printing different objects with metal was slow and expensive. Advances in technology make it cheaper and quicker and have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing in the long term. If companies adopted 3-D metal printing, they wouldn’t need to keep large inventories of parts. They could simply print any part when any customer needs it.

As a result, large factories, producing a limited range of products could be replaced by smaller ones, making a wider variety of parts according to the changing customer needs. This technology can create complex shapes that are lighter and at the same time stronger and cannot be created with traditional metal fabrication methods.

Sensing City

In collaboration with the Canadian Government, Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is planning to start the high-tech project called Quayside at Toronto’s Waterfront district. The goal is to integrate modern urban design with cutting-edge digital technology to make smart cities more environmentally friendly, livable, and affordable.

The company is going to implement sensors and analytics that will gather data on everything from noise levels to air quality to people’s activities. The goal is to make decisions about design, technology, and policy based on information from an extensive network of sensors. Sidewalks Labs is also going to open access to the software and the system so other companies can create services on top of them.

Artificial Embryos

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have grown embryo-like structures using only mouse stem cells without sperm cells or egg. This breakthrough can help understand how life comes into existence. Artificial embryos provide a new route to creating life.

Embryologists are also pursuing a work of making an artificial embryo out of human stem cells. Labs at Rockefeller University and the University of Michigan are hoping to employ a full range of tools, for example, gene editing, to investigate synthetic human embryos as they grow. Artificial embryos open new possibilities for researchers but they also raise vital ethical questions.

Cloud-based AI Services

Currently, relatively few companies can afford to use Artificial Intelligence because AI systems are too expensive to be fully implemented. But the key players like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM are working on the development of cloud-based AI platforms to increase access to artificial neural network technology and machine learning and make them affordable and easy-to-use to many different businesses.

This could give the economy a boost in productivity and change different industries from manufacturing to logistics. Now the AI technology is mostly used in the tech industry but other sectors such as energy, manufacturing, and medicine could be transformed as well they were able to take advantage of the AI advances and to implement this technology more fully. As most companies don’t have enough staff trained to use cloud AI, Amazon and Google are also offering consultancy services.

These fundamentally new advances in technology have the great potential to bring widespread consequences and change our lives in dramatic ways.


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