It’s no secret that the startup market is getting pretty crowded and highly competitive. Many startups fail before their product even reaches the customer’s hands while many others simply don’t materialize to begin with. One of the biggest reasons for this trend is the lack of actionable steps that, if followed correctly, will ensure your success.

If you know what to do, the only thing standing in your way is your own determination. So, provided you believe in your idea and have the willingness to persevere through the challenges that will inevitably come your way, your startup is destined for success.

Perform Initial Research

It would be a real shame if you invested your resources into a product or service that there isn’t any need for. And, unfortunately, this does happen. So, it is important to perform some simple but thorough market research to determine the validity of your business idea. It’ll also help you make more strategic decisions from the get-go.

Make a Competitive Analysis

Knowing what your future competitors are up to is a great way to determine how you can improve your own strategies. Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Take a look at their products, marketing strategies and customer service. Even if they’re more popular and better funded, there’s bound to be a gap that your startup can exploit.

Invest in Technology

Today, technology makes it easy for bootstrapped startups to leverage their limited capital in the most effective way possible. For instance, you can use cloud storage and open-source software to immediately save thousands of dollars on expenses. Instead of hiring an accountant, you can use accounting software. Instead of traveling across the country to conduct meetings, you can use video conferencing software when appropriate. In a similar light, you could use online services to search for electronic parts for your product instead of having to call suppliers.

Taking this approach to your daily operations will save you immeasurable amounts of time and money.

Master Your Finances

Did you know that around 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow issues or poor cash management? Unsurprisingly, having a strong grasp of your finances is key to ensuring your startup doesn’t become a statistic. You need to know how to fund your startup before it starts paying off.

Take some time to find the best source of funding for your startup. This can include your own savings, loans from friends and family, venture capital, angel investors, bank loans and the ever-popular crowdfunding. Every option comes with its own pros and cons, so it’s up to you to determine what will provide the best payout.


Startups are no exception to the legal obligations that come with any business. Choose a suitable business structure based on your needs. This will determine your liability and how much time you spend on insurance, taxes, licenses and so forth.


Expect a few challenges along the way. But, if you’ve come this far, none of them should pose a threat to your success.


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